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Guidelines for Contributors
Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J) Welcomes original research paper in all subjects.
1. Articles must be no more than 7,500 words, including notes and references. Longer articles will not be processed.
2. Contributions should be sent preferably by emails.
3. However, articles longer than 3,500 words should also be sent in a hard copy format. Hard and soft copies of articles longer than 3,500 words are essential for processing.
4. Articles should be accompanied by and abstract of a maximum of 150-300 words in MS-Word Format.
5. Paper should not have been simultaneously submitted for publication to another journal or newspaper. It the paper has appeared earlier in different version, we would appreciate a copy of this along with the submitted paper.
6. Graphs and chart need to be prepared in MS office (Word/Excel) and are preferable to material prepared in MS-Word Format.
7. Receipt of articles with be immediately acknowledged by emails/post.
8. We receive more than 10 articles every week and adequate time has to be provided for internal reading and external refereeing. It can therefore, take up to four months for a final decision on whether the paper is accepted for publication or not.
9. Articles accepted for publication can take up to six to eight months from date of acceptance to appear in the Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J) every effort will, however, be made to ensure early publication. Papers with immediate relevance for policy would be considered for early publication. Please note this is a matter of editorial judgment.
Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J) invites short contributions to the ‘Commentary’ section on topical social, economic and political developments. These should ideally be between 1,000 and 3,000 words exclusive to the Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J).
Book reviews
Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J) sends out books for review. It does not normally accept unsolicited reviews. However, all reviews that are received are read with interest and where a book has not been sent out for review, the unsolicited review is on occasion considered for publication.
Students, MPhill and PhD scholars are encouraged to sent their comments and initial products of their research for the notes section. Articles should be no more than 2,500-4,000 words ( all inclusive). They are also welcome to contribute to other section of but Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J) the Notes section has been organised specifically for young research scholars.
Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J) encouraged researchers to comments on articles published in Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J). Submission should be 1,000 to 2,000 words.
Readers of Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J) are encouraged to comments (250-400 words on published articles to the Letter column. All letter should have writer’s full name and postal address.
General Guidelines
1. Writers are requested to provide full details for correspondence: postal address. daytime phone numbers and email address. (The email address or writers in the Special Article, Commentary and Discussion sections will be published at the end of the article.)
2. Authors are requested to prepare their soft copy versions in MS-Word formats. Pdf versions are not accepted by the Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J) Authors are encouraged to use UK English spelling. When there are major developments in the field of study after the first submission, Author can send a revised version. Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J) requests writers not to send revised versions based on stylistic changes/additions, deletions of references, minor changes, etc, as this poses challenges in processing. Revised versions will not be processed.
3. Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J) posts all published articles on its web site and may reproduce them on CDs.
4. Copyright of all articles published in the Journal belongs to the Author or to the organization where the author’s terms of employment.
5. No published article or part there of should be reproduces in any form without prior permission of the authors. A soft/ hard copy of the author’s approval should be sent to Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J). In cases where the emails address of the author has not been published, Amit International Impact Factor Journals (A.I.I.F.J) can be contacted for help in this regards.
6. Contributors sending their research papers in Hindi are requested to visit out website for information regarding Hindi language Fonts.
Note:- Author are fully accountable and responsible for the data and information provided in their research papers.
scholars are advised to sending their research papers in this format
1. Title of the paper
2. Introduction
3. Objective & Hypothesis
4. Methodology
5. Review of Literature
6. Critical Assessment
7. Governmental rules.
8. Conclusion &Suggestions
9. References &Bibliography

Note: Use M.L.A Style for reference.

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