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It is a matter of deep concern to scholar’s and academicians in the field of Science, Art, Commerce & Management specially humanities and social sciences that the present scenario in these disciplines at college and university level is dismol. The dwindling number of students in these disciplines is a clear indication of the state of affairs. A vast majority of students take to professional courses after + 2. The social scientists need to do a lot of soul-searching to find out the possible reasons behind this disheartening trend in humanities and social sciences and offer remedies as to how this trend may be curbed. Amit International Impact Factor Journals (AIIFJ) shall leave no stone unturned in dissolving the ditch created between disciplines through the cherishment of inter-disciplinary and multidisciplinary frame of mind.

Needless to say, the utility and success of any discipline depends largely on its capacity of providing status to its followers in their own society as well as society worldover. Now, the social scientists must penetrate into and ask themselves the question whether their disciplines are robust enough to meet the challenges posed by the emergence of advancements carried out in different walks of life particularly in the wake of modernisation, globalization and westernization. It is here that a social science movemnet has to play a pivotal role for the galvanization of society into possitive direction by leaving indelible imprints on the shifting sands of time. It is beyond any shade of doubt that social scientists must contemplate it seriously as to why social sciences and humanities have fallen flat to cater to the demands of the modern society. It will be a path breaking development if these social sciences are able to provide lucrative jobs and prestigious positions to their followers.

Undoubtedly, Amit International Impact Factor Journals (AIIFJ) aims at looking into these fundamental questions and try to seek their answers for the larger benefit and betterment of society. Amit International Impact Factor Journals (AIIFJ) also proposes to provide ample opportunities to those who carry abundance of talent but due to reasons known to one and all tail to vent their thoughts. In larger perspective its chief aim will be to bring into light the untapped talent or dark horses with the blessings of many accomplished celebrities as human beings can not live in a pool of stagnant water. We hope that we will be able to achieve this cherished goal of ours. As a supporter of Swadeshi, Make in India, Startup India and transforming India, We, Amit Educational & Social Welfare Society Regd. with Ministry of MSME Government of India are presenting peer reviewed, indexed, double blind, referred, impact factor Amit International Impact Factor Journals. This is the fruitful Result of our determination, dedication, hard work & Scholarly research in all subjects of higher education. We have prepared one of the best platform to national & International research scholars, Ph.d. applicants, professors, colleges, libraries, Institutions, universities & Higher councils of government for sharing the newest innovations as inspiration to the new generation for make them the world class leaders with elite behavior and softness. Therefore we are requesting all of you to please send us original research along with your own signed letter or affidavit for credibility and transparency. We are loyal and country first to us so lets come and do the best to make AMIT DELIBERATIVE RESEARCH the name of trust.

With the best and warm regards.
M.Com, P.hd, MSW, LLB

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