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Rania Lampou (Athens, Greece)

M.Ed., (Master in Neuroeducation and Foreign Language Teaching)

STEM Instructor & Researcher at the Directorate of Educational Technology and Innovation, Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs

Neuroeducation Researcher, STEM Instructor, Educator, Trainer, Author
Mourkoussi 24, Zografou, 15773, Athens, Greece

Rania Lampou is a passionate researcher on cognitive psychology and cognitive neurosciences. She is also a STEM instructor and an ICT teacher-trainer in Greece. She has been awarded many national and international prizes and she is a Global Teacher Prize finalist 2019. She is the founder of four international projects that focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals described in the 2030 Agenda. She promotes STEM vision by introducing STEM in astronomy and physics projects and combines STEM with Language Teaching. She strongly believes that brain-based learning and teaching could lead to important breakthroughs in learning because recent findings of neuroeducation provide valuable insights into how students learn and how to engage them in the classroom.

Email- rania.lampou@gmail.com